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Free Internet Content Logger

Save all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic on the disk with Free Internet Content Logger
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17 November 2009

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A logger that informs the user of all internet activity that is taking place on the user’s computer.

Pros: The Free Internet Connection Logger is basically a logging utility that tracks all activity taking place on a user’s internet connection and reports this back to the user. It tracks a variety of internet based programs and utilities and it has support for a number of protocols that are part of the TCP / IP stack. The log file is stored in an accessible location and can be accessed for viewing and further analysis. For security a log file is only limited to a single user, therefore the internet activity of other users logging in using the same computer is never accessible or compromised.

It is also a useful tool for developers who can analyze the internet log to use the logged information for debugging.

Cons: Although a lot of activity is indeed reported, it is not at all clear whether all activity is indeed being recorded. For example, in tests certain programs such as Winamp auto updater as well as Viruscan Update were not reported. Now, this is not a bad thing in itself, because these are not malicious programs, but if these are not reported then who knows what else is not being reported. As such an Internet Security Suite is a better bet, despite the fact that this tool is free and so it doesn’t hurt to have this as well.

The interface is also fairly unattractive.

Overall: 3 stars. It works, but does little else. There are some issues, and a really poor interface.

Publisher's description

- Do you want to know what kind of information programs send from your computer to their owners?
- Are you a network or system administrator and need to save all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic on the hard disk in order to measure the security risks?
- Are you are a software developer creating your own Internet releted software programs, and need to capture all the incoming and outgoing Internet traffic of your program in order to debug your software?
- Are you a web developer creating next generation web sites?
In all these cases Internet Content Logger can be a vital tool for you!
Free Internet Content Logger
Free Internet Content Logger
Version 1.3.2
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